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Name: StarSwimmer
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Hello everyone! My name is StarSwimmer! I've been a part of the wiccan faith since 2010, but only began studying the craft two years later in 2012, primarily due to my loved ones finally accepting me for who I am and what I believe in. In regards to my experience and study, I still consider myself a novice. The god and goddess whom I worship is cernunnos and diana. Oh! And I'm an ecletic wiccan, with a little bit of celtic wiccan influence as well, and I follow the right-hand path, the path of light. I politely ask that you not ask me about dark/black magick, such as curses, hexes, enslaving spirits for your own means, taking away someone's free will, or anything of the like. Magick is never supposed to be used for harm. Then again, you wouldn't know what light was if there wasn't any darkness, and you wouldn't know What darkness was if there wasn't any light. Both balance each other, but I prefer to stay on the side of the light. I'm currently studying astral projection, different types of spirits and entities, crystal and gem magic, sigil magick, sheilding, and banishing and cleansing. If you would like to know anything else about me, feel free to ask! And if you need help, and it's within my knowledge, I'll help you as best as I can. If I cannot, I will recommend you to someone who can.
These are the following knowledgeable practitioners who I know of who will help you if I cannot.
(I'm aware that magick dosen't have a color. Its just that I associate magick used for harm and other malevolent means with the color black, and magick that has to do with healing and other positive works with the color white.)
***I will not assist you with Dark/Evil purposed spells, suggest any, or cast any for you. If you ask, you will be ignored. Same goes for those claiming to be vampire, werewolf or any other immortal nonsense. It is impossible to change your physical appearance to that extent with magick, or to become a different being. It's impossible, period. Just hollywood nonsense. You were made the way you were made, that is how it is. That is how we are made to be by the god and goddess/the universe, And that is how it will always be. We are human, until the day we die and move on as spirits into the afterlife.***