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Name: StarSwimmer
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Greetings. My name is Matthew, also known as Star-Swimmer, and I've been a part of the wiccan faith since 2010. In regards to my experience and study, I still consider myself an Novice, and will always have more to learn, as is life. I enjoy dabbling in magick that pertains to various different gems, minerals, and stones. As well as their properties. As for the gods who I worship, and feel a strong bond with, The god and goddess whom I worship is cernunnos and diana. I'm an ecletic wiccan, with a little bit of celtic wiccan influence as well, and I follow the right-hand path. Every path has it's merit and use however, and as such, one path is not better or much powerful than another. It all depends on your learning style, and what your purpose is for learning magic. All are a part of magic, and always will be. I do not do spells for others. Life is about learning, and using that experience to grow is an important part of magic and life.