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Howthehare's Profile

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Name: Howthehare
Birthday: May 26
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Thu, 02 Jul 2015
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
I'm here to find other practitioners of magic. I've had no training from anyone, so I seek guidance. In the past my spells have worked for me, to varying degrees, usually worked too well and then some (some extra unintended effects). I've many interests in magick. I also want to eventually find a lover for life who also practices magic.

I'm interested in spells and working with entities.

I'm very in touch with my subconscious, and I think it started with the understanding of my subconscious desire for more power that I first sought out magick.

If two pagans both cast a love spell to try to find and attract a lover, and they meet each other and fall in love... who summoned who? Or was it magick at all?

Wall of text:

The following is actually as much a question as it is a rant. The framing of said question is such that it is lengthy but precise, since I came from a science background (rare in the study of magic perhaps).

I think the most concise way I would describe my outlook on magic and the world currently is by using the example someone gave on a magic forum I read. He claimed that the word imagine comes from the word Image and implies I-mage, a play on words signifying "I am a mage" or vice versa, implying that to be a mage one must imagine, and that being the basis for magic, as well as life, I can take it and expand on it further and say that people perceive the world with different imagery, and as such there are as many different worlds/philosophies/outlooks on the world as there are different people with different imaginations. In short, based on the framework of mind, the same truth may be perceived differently or organized differently.

This is to introduce and help me phrase my ever so broad question of "What is there to learn in magic?" This is a framework/scale question in that it asks about the entirety of an entire genre and assumes that there be a way to organize the genre in a way that makes sense. But of course this is a man made framework. A similar framework based question might be to ask "what is there to learn in biology?" One might answer this with "well, there's botany, there's molecular biology, there's human biology, and then there are other more eclectic ones like ecological biology"... yet this is piecemeal information packets which does not make sense to the uninitiated in the workings of biology. Meaning, without prior training in biology an untrained observer or listener would not be able to see the relevance and interconnectedness of all that is biology as a study. A far better answer with framework in mind might be, "Biology is the study of life, and while there are many focuses and emphasis, there is a hierarchy to life that scientists have used to better categorize and systematize the organization of biology, this is usually by scale. Since biology is the study of everything that has to do with life we have to start at the lowest level of organization, the molecular level in which macro-molecules and proteins interact, and then the next level up is the cells which consist of the macro molecules as its building blocks. Another level up the scale would be tissues, where groups of cells come together to perform a larger function, and tissues come together to form organs, and so on and so forth such that as we move up the scale of life, we have different rungs on the hierarchy such as organisms, ecosystems, and biospheres. All studies on life can be placed on such a hierarchical scale and through this type of framework we can see why every level of biology is interrelated with other areas of study even though one might argue that the study of bee behavior might not have influence on the study of the molecular structure of honey based on the structure of the pollen the bees have collected."

Ok I understand that that's quite an explanation on biology, but as you can see by framing another topic such as Programming, or Magick in a similar fashion it would be much more approachable for the untrained to learn. Obviously magic had been frowned upon, burned at the stake, inquisitioned, witch trialed, and then further persecuted and shown in horror films, so it could be quite difficult to find legitimate information, much less organized information that makes sense and have some sort of framework by which to better see the connections and relevance of everything.

I say all the above to say this simple truth: I'm really frustrated so far in my attempts to learn magick online since information is organized in such a piecemeal fashion which has nothing to grasp onto as categorizations are just as numerous as there are "I-mages" to imagine them. The common categorizations are, "love spells", "I want to be a Newt/toothfairy/potato spells" (ok that might be a bit harsh on transformative spells, but the fans of such spells can often be difficult to be distinguished from the clinically insane), "I want to fuck a succubus/lilith/demoness without being sucked dry or have to sell my soul spells", Candle spells (which seemed to be the only reliable sort of spell work that one can find information on across all the websites, and as a result I'm the most well versed in candle spells myself... at least I've dabbled and experimented enough to know how to improvise one by myself and have it sorta work), energy work, and moon/sun related spells.

I'm tired of having spent such a load of time looking for information and just finding more of the same disorganized nonsensical information that repeats itself. Would it be so far of a stretch as to make a framework in which one might arguably state that (and the following is probably quite bogus since it's just my attempt at an example of what I had hoped to look for in my study of magic), "Magic is a study of the phenomenon of the power of one's mind over matter and non-matter. That the mind has power and can create causal effects is the main of the study of magic. There is a hierarchy in the levels of magic in which at the lowest levels is the self awareness of "being" in one self which can be unlocked through any number of ways such as meditation, energy work, self reflection, scrying, and astral projection. Then the next tier of magic is affecting people and things outside of the self, perhaps this could include the more powerful versions of transformation but more than likely the weaker forms of influence. Different forms of influence can be additive effects such as increasing the attraction someone feels for you, increasing one's wealth, increasing one's hair, and the opposite of that or the subtractive effects of influence could be the removal of negative energies and influences, etc. Then there is augmentation spells which can also apply an influence as the previous. Spells of augmentation are basically when things are used for additional effects or to lend greater strength to spell work such as the use of crystals, the moon cycles, color coded candles, using seals, symbols, sigils, etc. The next level of spell work would be the level of summoning and control where one has exerted influence or power over other things and beings. Summoning and banishing other beings. Finally the most powerful of all is the creation magic used to create the world, of which we can tap into very little and the most notable of known techniques being the ability to create thought forms and such beings where as the higher levels of such creation magic would have possibly been the cause of the existence of such terms as homunculus, or the fantasies of Frankenstein, creating life itself."

Of course my bogus analogy of magic being categorized in such a way may in no way make any sense, but since I myself feel I'm still only barely touching on the tip of the iceberg of magic, I feel like having such a comprehensive view of magic first and foremost might help me in better understanding what I'm learning and what I seek to learn. This is why I'm even interested in interacting with entities to begin with.

Entertain this idea. Solomon. Now there's plenty of texts that make references to the Key/s of Solomon, and hypothetically to cut through all the bullcrap, the real essence of this premise is that there existed a mage, who in the christian-judeo version of the story had been so blessed by God that he was granted the wisdom to command angels and demons to work for him, but of course as us pagans, and magick users know him we consider him a mage, perhaps the first, but certainly the most well known to be the strongest/most knowledgeable mage as he commanded the Goetic demons through his summoning/binding rituals and had various other spells at his disposal which must have been past down with much zeal between horny scribes since much pertain to being able to see or make women dance in the nude.

My idea is - and nude women aside - that it would be far more efficient to consult and even seek the tutelage of the Goetics or other Methuselahs of equal age/power and gain their knowledge of magic. Of course why would they want to give someone in this day an age such knowledge and power and what price would they ask for is quite beyond me at the moment, but it is quite a puzzle to think about since we already know that such a man, however hypothetical existed once, and his name was Solomon. While I don't wish to be another Solomon per se, I do think that it's interesting to think about this as one of my main motivations to delve into summoning/demonology as well as other occult information that pertains to these elder/immortal beings.

Simply put, why reinvent the wheel? Learning is much faster when one learns from a teacher, finding the teacher is hard nowadays and comes at a steep price, but the price of learning on one's own is a far steeper price in a way as it is a guarantee of never attaining the level of power/knowledge necessary to truly grasp or reattain what was lost. Both ways carry risks. The way of finding knowledge from knowledgeable people carry the risk of being misled, but the risk of finding knowledge on one's own is the risk of never reaching one's goals.

And I guess that's the proper purpose of a coven. To share knowledge. I've come full circle.

It's all a question, nebulously put and declarative as a statement in that the presentation of the information is my entire personality and wit unbridled and unashamedly shown not to impress but simply presented without feigned stupidity or even the ability to be concise, since apparently my mind doesn't work like that.




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