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Name: CresentSong
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Here I am, changing my bio for hopefully, the last time. Merry meet, members and guests of this website. You have found my profile. As most of the people who have read this before know, I am a very monotonous and serious person at first, but under time (AKA, a few messages) I become a lot more laid-back, amusing and relaxed. So I apologize for acting uptight, I am trying to seem professional and mature. I am fourteen years of age-- But don't let my age make you think any different of me. I am intelligent and quick to react to certain things. I would appreciate being called Crescent in place of my given name-- Gabrielle, for magickal purposes. Again, on the topic of my age. I am still very young, and trying to find my voice in this world. So I can't specifically tell you my personality, because I don't really have one yet. I will now name what I practice and know a lot of, in case you are looking for information. If you wish to know more, just mail me. - Crystal healing - Herbal healing - Elemental magick - Correspondants with colors, times, seasons, and animals. - White magick - Dark magick - Astrology - Palmistry Here are some things I need to work on, and would love to know more about. If you could teach me about these just message me. Thanks! - Spirits - Calling quarters - Astral projection I guess that concludes this biography. "An' ye harm none, do what ye will" Blessed be )O(