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Name: SillyBilly
Birthday: Sep 10 2000
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I am a beginner in magick usage, also a Christian. Only very recently have I learned that it is ok to use magick as a Christian, as long as you do not insult/anger my god and serve the lord through your magick works. I actually used to think all magick was evil and Satanic! I am able to manipulate energy, do candle magic, I've been able to control people to a degree, I have bestowed blessings, banished spirits and negitivities, made potions, performed bindings, done cloud dissipation, all that jazz. I've even airbended kind of! I would consider myself a psychic/christian/witch. Even though I am a Christian, I am open to all religions and beliefs unlike many Christians are. And, because everone in my household I live in are also Christian, I like to do most of my spellcraft at night or when no one is around because the only person who knows of my abilities is my sister, so I don't do magick around anyone else to avoid people thinking of me as Satanic. Just think what it would do to my reputation as a christian!
Other facts about me:
I play bass/bass guitar
Learning to play flute
I like Bring Me The Horizon, Pierce The Veil, and A Day To Remember
Status: Single
I won't tolerate haters.
My Snapchat is coolcat397
My Kik is thillybilly7
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