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Welcome hi,im new at this site so if you want to message me i have no problem. Things about me: Gender:male Age:14 Eyes color:brown Hairs colors:blonde and drown Favorite color:blue Favorite song:indila-derni?re dense Favorite animals: I love every animal ---------------------------------------------------------------- Things that I'm practicing and interested in ~elemental magic ~candle magic ~weather spells *hoodoo *luck spells *love spells (*=interested /~=practicing) ------------------------------------- And here is a question that you want to think and answer... Why are you practicing magic?for power? Power means nothing to this world magic is not like movies... You're doing this because you want to be different? Yeah to be different is cool sometimes but not with that way... Think if you really need magic in your life... Because I don't think that you need it...think! -------------------------- if you want help with anything just message me! ========================== l "Never forgets always forgive" l =========================== Have a nice day!