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Name: Bazahas
Birthday: Aug 15 1989
Location: NY
Gender: Male
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I am a Christian-Mystic or Christo-Wiccan. I grew up in the church and am a junior pastor after several ministries closed around me for varying reason I began to question things. I have studied the Bible very close for 14 years, Judaism for 2, and briefly touched on Islam. The craft found me when I was young; I was a very different child and did not know why, as I grew up in the church I began to notice things and was drawn to the craft. It started slow with my own gifts and tarot then blossomed when I started college in 2007. I have two bachelor?s degrees in Psychology and Sociology with minor focus in Theatre art and cinema cultural studies. I believe everything in life is imbued with the power from the source of singularity. We are all part of each other and the energy that flows between us links us. I never claim to be an expert on anything, but I love to learn. I was a professional reader and cleanser in NY for 3 years before an incident caused me to recuse myself to a solitary practitioner. I enjoy an open place where those who believe in love and light can expand themselves and aid others.
Blessed Be )O(
Junior Pastor Christianity
Shaman (Native American)
Wiccan/Pagan- Prior Experience leading Circles
Voodoo- Some Training
Spiritual Reader
Initiate into a house of Ifa (Santo)