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Name: Nicholass16
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Hola people of the universe. My name is Nicholas I'm from Houston, Texas and I work as a cook. I'm a Bard/Witch with Kemetic/Yoruba and Taoist beliefs. Generally I prefer to to refer to myself as a omnitheist. Since I am a folk soul singer I have a open mind to the unseen. One of my primary plans is to travel to Peru I desire to learn spanish. A music therapist is what I aim to be in life. Also I'd like to study holistic medicine as well. A bard is basically a hypnotic or shamanistic musician. You are the master of your own reality no matter what and we must understand we're in the matrix. Honestly I want to start doing some soul searching. That's why I became a member of this website to meet other people who are spell casters. For me life is a bit chaotic every since I started practicing Chaos magick it has really been fucking with my head. I did a spell on past life regression and dreamt of me being a witch in Europe and a monk in India. So don't mistake me for a weak witch I'm into Gnostic Christianity and it focuses on the Guardian angels Lucifer and Yahushua and Yahweh being a demiurge. I'd love to talk to people about the different ways they interpret the tree of life. The Kaballah and the Qlipoth because that focuses specifically on white and black magick. We can find our guardian angels and demons from the tree of life and the upside down tree of death. Remember people in the witch community, Christianity highly influenced traditional witchcraft. Wicca is something that was invented in the 60s so traditional witches were actually practicing ritual animal sacrifice.