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GodHarmonia's Profile

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Name: GodHarmonia
Location: Thebes
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sun, 27 Jul 2014
Membership: Member

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Personal Bio
Merry meet my name is Goddess Harmonia. I am the goddess of harmony, love of all, and concord. My Roman name is Concordia. I am the daughter of Aphrodite, Ares, Zeus, and Electra. I am also an online psychic if you would like to visit my website sometime I have posted it where I can give you a reading. My rate is $1.99 per minute. I do NOT give free readings or do spells for others. Honestly, I feel that if you message me asking me to do a spell for you then you don't have your own powers and abilities. Allow me to enlighten you more about myself. I am the queen of Thebes. My children also became the kings and queens of Thebes for centuries to come. My twin flame Cadmus was my gift from my father Zeus. Thebes, the acropolis of which was originally named Cadmeia in his honour. Cadmus's sister Europa went missing when Zeus took her away on a bull. Cadmus was told not to return without her. However, Europa was never found. Along Cadmus's journey to find Europa instead, he found me. Cadmus founded the city of Thebes he was a prince whom became a king and a hero. Thebes still exists today in Central Greece now known as Budva. Besides Thebes, Cadmus also founded Boeotia and Ohrid Macedonia. He found me on his journey and we fell in love. Cadmus had to overcome many obstacles along the way of his journey. Cadmus slayed Apollo's dragon and sewed the dragon's teeth into the ground. Cadmus is also known as the carrying of the letter which means he brought us the alphabet. However, because Cadmus sewed Apollo's dragons teeth into the ground the gods turned Cadmus into a serpent. Out of despair, I begged the gods to also turn me into a serpent so that I could always be with my Cadmus and the gods granted my wish. Cadmus and I were then granted eternal Harmony and peace. For the wedding of Cadmus and Harmonia all of the gods were present. However, Harmonia had received a cursed necklace from Hephaestus which brought terrible tragedies to myself and everyone else in which whom received the necklace for generations to come. If not a necklace then it was a robe. Cadmus and I have fallen in love all over again in every life. We have immortality and this will be our final life. That means that we have succeeded every task, test, and obstacle in which has crossed our paths. We have reached our fullest potential with the process of our enlightenment. Now that we are twin flames, you don't find your twin flame until it is your final lives together. That means that we have both become the best versions of ourselves and as powerful as we can possibly get to. After here we will return home to Olympus. I am also the Queen of Love. As the daughter of Aphrodite, spiritually I am of a hybrid creature. I consist of siren, witch, succubus, and goddess. I spiritually have 27 sisters. My closest brother is Cupid. Aphrodite is known as the goddess of love however, that isn't completely accurate information. Aphrodite is really the goddess of physical love, lust, sensuality, and beauty. I myself am the goddess of love and when I say the term love I mean love on a different level. Marriage, emotional intimacy, that connection, etc. Not for sex or lust. I came up with marriage because I felt that it was only right. Also, there is a building in mine and Cadmus's honor. My magic and abilities originate from the Garden of Eden. Spiritually Cadmus is not only a king and a hero; he is also an angel. A lesser angel not as well known where he had become fallen but received his wings back from a group of angels known as the angels of Justice. You can find a statue of Harmonia in the Harmony Society gardens in Old Economy Village, Pennsylvania. This is spiritually all about myself and my past lives in which I have learned throughout my spiritual journey and soul searching. I was part of Pagan Fellowship at my college along with being part of three covens. I consider myself as a pagan. I do believe in multiple gods and goddesses for different things. However, I follow more of the Greek, Roman, and Norse Gods. I practice different forms of magic but honestly magic is magic. So I consider what I do to pertain to positive magic and in some instances hoodoo. I don't believe in harming others, forcing anyone against free will, or manipulation. The term twin flame means your one true love your one soul mate; we can have multiple true loves and soul mates in life but only one twin flame. This does not necessary mean everyone has a twin flame. As I previously stated, you find your twin flame when it is your last life. As you can conclude, I do believe in forms of karma and reincarnation. With the reincarnation and being spiritually aware of myself I see my spiritual self as of immortality. I will not say Aphrodite is my deity because that is false, she is my mother and always with me. My other spirit guides are Cupid, my grandfather, Cadmus, and my children waiting to be born someday. I do NOT recommend communicating with any of the gods unless you truly do have a connection with one of them otherwise it can be very dangerous so be advised. I've had my abilities my entire life always being able to see ghosts and spirits, my empath abilities, telepathy, and even before I learned so much about wicca/paganism I was practicing magic and spells. I would come up with my own variations of healing energy, incantations, and candle magic. It all came together and made sense to me when I began my research and studies. My spiritual path has saved me giving me hope, strength, and I have found my faith through my magic. My abilities include charmspeak, foresight, premonitions, empathy, telepathy, communication with ghosts and spirits, medium ship, astral projection, etc. Please do not think nor assume that I worship Satan because that is a poorly false accusation. I also do not harm others and will not curse you (I mean unless I feel something is truly necessary I highly doubt it). I have been truly blessed with my abilities and have made them become my lives work. I use my abilities to provide readings to people by offering them insight, guidance, help, and advice. I have had some truly remarkable spiritual experiences in my life that I will gladly share and bestow upon you. I am a very spiritual person and take my own beliefs seriously. I am not here to judge others or put anyone down. To each their own. However, please do not think you can physically change into a creature because that is not possible. These spiritual things do exist but not in those ridiculous ways. You can not change yourself into a mermaid, vampire, werewolf, fairy, etc. If you take the time to read my bio I would be truly delighted to hear any thoughts or questions about myself that you may have. I do not see myself as being on the same level or above the gods. I believe that I am here to help others, I still have much to prove, my own title to equally earn as anyone else, and to take any tasks, tests, and obstacles the divine have for me. I do have a familiar my white Himalayan cat who is my baby and I love him dearly. I do have future aspirations to always be a psychic and help others. I have been truly fortunate enough to have been aware of my abilities at such a young age as a toddler and also to have found my twin flame in this life at the age of 14 with him being my first kiss. None of this is fluff or false information. Also, I am blessed to have connections with Apollo, Calliope (sister), my Cadmus (twin flame), Aphrodite (mother), Cupid (brother), Ares (father), Zeus (father), Electra (mother), Thor (uncle), Loki, Odin (grandfather), Hermes, Nike(my sister), Poseidon (relation to Cadmus), and many more. Symbols to represent me include water, dolphins, hearts, and anything harmony and/or love. My aura is gold of the divine, pink because I am everything love, and green as a natural born healer. I am the must in tune with my heart chakra and my third eye is obviously open. Also, my favorite color is pink or black and purple. My astrological sign is Sagittarius and I am as true to a Sagittarius as it gets. I am a huge JRR Tolkien fan. My favorite movies are The Hobbit movies. I do plan on someday in the future having a ceremonial handfasting underneath a willow tree. When it comes to my magic, water is my strongest element. I have actually been apart of spellsofmagic using this site since I was eleven years old for nine years now. I create new profiles when I feel like starting fresh. Here are some experiences I will share with you: -I have caused floods for four days -I have easily caused storms -When my grandfather was ill with difuse lewy body disease between alzhiemers and lue gerrig he has been ill for seven years. He was shaking, hallucinating, mumbling, would fall over, paramedics always rushed in and out of the house, it was bad for his heart, ate his brain away, made him become more and more like a baby every day, he would fall down, stayed in a nursing home, drool on himself, shake, cry thinking my grandmother was on the couch dead when no one was there and she went to the grocery store, etc. One day I prayed to the gods and goddesses to heal my grandfather, make him better, himself again, and healthy. If not then to take him, accept him into the afterlife, make him well again, and so he can be happy. That same night he passed away. Ever since he chose to stay with me, watches me, protects me, and communicates with me. He won't move on until after I get married, have children, and am with my true love. I didn't keep him here with me, he chose to be with me for showing him true family love, taking care of him, and letting him pass in peace with pride. -My uncle attempted suicide a week before my sweet 16. He overdosed on over seventy pills, had a stroke, blockage of oxygen on his brain, sliced all of his nerve endings on his arm a foot long down to the bone, and stayed around the house that way bleeding to death for three days. I did magic to heal him and he came out perfectly fine and healthy. He just looks like he aged. There is nothing wrong with him and he is still alive today himself. He should have either died or became retarded or paralyzed. Before that happened when he stayed with me two months prior I was sleeping when he came to my room. He said my name twice just standing by my doorway. I woke up but it looked like my uncle from when he was young in his twenties from years ago. When I asked him what? He turned around and vanished. I immediately got up to follow him but he was nowhere to be found. In fact, I heard him downstairs on the couch sleeping. His phantom came to me as a warning. -When a manipulative, vindictive, malicious, two faced, backstabbing girl was pretending to be my best friend to intentionally harm my true love Cadmus she called me many nasty names. I knew that she was going to harm him and my job is to protect my true love (yes he is already apart of my life) so because she wouldn't stop I created a curse of cancer. Two weeks later she went to the doctor and told me along with many other people that they found pre-cancerous cells in her arm. When I asked her if she knew how they got there and/or developed the doctor said they didn't know and it just happened. -When my best friend was in a horrible snow mobile accident he was at a five way when he was hit by a van. He flew fifty feet in the air landing on his back on the ice. He should have become paralyzed with the severity of his injuries. However, I healed him. He is still walking and perfectly fine to this day. -One night I was upstairs by myself when I saw a HUGE aura. It was purple and pink. I then saw Aphrodite sit down naked on my couch and she held out her finger telling me to come by her. I lite a love candle for her to communicate. I could see the outline of her body and when she had walked past me in the hallway. After I had communicated with her for about 45 minutes the exact moment I said to give me a sign, that exact second my Christmas tree turned off. -I was communicating with my grandfather when he was telling me that Cadmus (but his actual name in this life) is my twin flame to never leave or give up on him and that he was coming back to me and going to propose. When I asked him to give me a sign it was true that exact second fireworks went off in my backyard but there were no fireworks. It was march, snow outside, and 9:30 pm. Also, another time he told me the same thing and I said give me a sign he told me to go to Pandora on my phone, click on Journey, and that the first song that would play would be Open Arms. AND! Open Arms was the first song that played and came on. -and of course small things for example getting a feeling of being worried of someone close to me knowing I have to talk to them and then finding out the previous night someone close to that person had passed. Blowing out the candles from a spell and all of a sudden it pours rain. Telling someone exactly who their one true love is, what they look like, what they will say, and what will happen; then it does comes true. Using an Enchanted Spellboard with my friends asking when my one friend would be pregnant and it spelled out NOW, then we asked what gender it said girl, and her due date late November 2013. She was pregnant at the time and didn't tell us, she had a baby girl, and gave birth late November 2013. Tools I use: -Love Spell Box -Enchanted Spellboard -Green crystal ball -Angels, Gods, and Goddesses -Eyes of the soul oracle -Oracle of love -Amira's love oracle -The Romance Angels -Playing cards -Book of Shadows -The Hobbit tarot -anything love related and Aphrodite related -oils -herbs -candles -incense -stones -rose quartz pendulum -etc. the rest are typically wiccan essentials