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Name: PeacheyLove
Birthday: Oct 28 2001
Location: Grande ronde Oregon
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sun, 30 Mar 2014
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Hello I'm a beginner and always been an outsider and witchcraft is the only thing I connect with and music. I'm looking for a guide and if you think you can help me please do so.
Religion- Wicca
Age- 12
Things I study-
Spell casting
Tarot cards
Palm reading
If you need advice on any of these things I can help!
Please mail me and I love to meet new people and make new friends!
PS- I'm straight and single but don't mail me about crap like that and I don't care if you biesexual straight or gay a person is a person and I hope you can also look past my differences because I can always look past yours.