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Anyways, I am Admira. I have been in th occult for some time. I spent 2005-2008 Studying the occult and different religions. During that time I tried minor spells. However, 2009 is when I started practicing witchcraft with full interest.

Studies :

Astrology : I study many areas in astrology. I love reading information of different viewpoints on the zodiacs, planets, stars, and more. I use astrology when working with plans I have in the future to work in my favor and other things such as rituals. I also study Eastern Astrology (Chinese) as I find the method and learning of it to be great of use. I have not used it in any heavily impact in my work. But it is a practice I enjoy reading. I also do minor astrology studies on Egyptian and Celtic.

I study Mythology, herbs, potions, and much more.