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Name: haremoon2
Location: Greenville South Carolina
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Mon, 07 Aug 2017
Membership: Contributor

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Hi I'm haremoon2
Please feel free to message me
I will cast spells for people but
I will not cast spells to turn you in to a vampire or any thing else so don't ask
I'm 24
Sexuality bi and engaged
My face book is under the name in my private info add me if you gain my trust
A member of the black hat societie
I have been studying and practicing magick since I was 7
I'm a Capricorn
My spirit guide is a Spider
My totem animal is an deer
My favorite animal is a quetzal
My zodiac tree is a elder
My favorite color is mercury gray
My favorite flower is a pumpkin blossom
My favorite spell is the protection stone spell
My favorite book is by Murphy -hiscock
My favorite stone is aymethest
My favorite songs are by Hollywood undead Nikkimanaj My chemical romance botdf and krewalla
I pray to all gods and goddesses
Manly the moon goddesses
I can do tarot readings
I don't like being lied Too or disrespected
So as long as you respect me as I respect you and your beliefs we will be fine
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Root: open (58)
Sacral: open (56%)
Navel: over-active (100%)
Heart: open (69%)
Throat: over-active (88%)
Third Eye: over-active (75%)
Crown: open (62%)
Percentages go from -100% to +100%
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What this means
Open your under-active chakras