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Name: Shaikan
Location: I am an explorer by nature therefore it is difficult to give a precise location
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Almost never log on here anymore - consider my profile inactive. (I would mention my age but that will cause confusion because mentally and Spiritually I am alot older than my "physical age")My friends consider me "smart" but the way I see it, I just have an expanded amount of General Knowledge, I am quite strict about grammar, so please correct me if you see a mistake (I do make mistakes but that depends on what caused it such as being tired or just out of it etc)I was born with the ability to see spirits (but that is due to certain elements involved in earlier generations of my family). I love to learn, I love mythology and love ancient civilizations such as Ancient Egypt and Greece. I am a student and history is one of my subjects. I find religion fascinating however I ask that you please do NOT force your religion or ideas on me. I am friendly, and some-what shy, if you talk to me I will respond, I try stay away from conflict and want nothing but peace, however, anger me and I can quickly become a storm. My element is Spirit/Mind/Universe so I am able to do things in the other 4 elements. I have clairvoyance and the ability of Prophetic Dreams I follow my intuition and not logic, Energy manipulation comes naturally to me as well. The religion I mainly take from is Buddhism, and that would explain why I don't like conflict. My Star sign is Aries, My Celtic star sign is the Willow Tree and I am the Dog in the Chinese star signs.