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Merry Meet I am Ravenstorm and I love Witchcraft truly deep down to my core. The craft called for years and I think I missed it because of the lack of focus. You can read about the feeling all day long that you feel upon discovering it but I assure you the only way is to discover it. "PERCEPTION IS BELIEF IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER" I also make and sell spell oils, amazing enchanted fragrant body oils that leave no oily feeling behind, body lotion with matching scents, room spray, and incense. Each one I create as a unique blend for each person so its a personal special scent. Perhaps one of my most prized projects is the book im writing. Since high when a boy took his own life, I have been in turmoil and now that people easily hide behind the screen they are cruel. So I am writings book on bullying and teen suicide. The number is horrifying with suicide being the 3rd leading cause of death of all the ways to die. If you think that's no big deal I hope you have no kids. It may be up to us as told in the story of creation to lead and save our children and the world.