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Hey, my name is Abrakus Ludo Black and I practice all types of magick and I'm interested in learning and teaching any magick I've learnt over 13 years. I am always looking forward to talking about magick and I hope we could learn new spells and knowledge together :).

Sadly i will not cast spells for you as i am a firm believer in doing magick yourself though i will happily advise and share any knowledge i have on a subject of magick. I can do readings for you but you must ask me for a reading with a suitable amount of time for me to 1). prepare for it. 2). ensure i am not busy on that day. 3). Actually have access to some of my equipment e.g. Cards & runes.

The paths I follow are:

The basics,

Chaos magick,

Servitor creation,

Elemental (not like in avatar),

Astral projection,

Energy manipulation,

Sealing and binding,

Blood magick,


Knot magick,

Some forms of divination i.e. Tarot cards, oracle cards, runes, etc,


Advanced Circle casting,


Crystal and earth magick,

Sigils and Symbols,


Solomonic seals and circles,

Curses and hexes and counter procedures for them.

The basics of the Chakras,

Candle magick,

Colour magick,

Kitchen magick,

Beginning to learn Aromatherapy,

Hearth Witchcraft,


Aura magick ,

Green magick ,

And I study alchemy.

I'm happy to talk to anyone about anything if I can help you with any knowledge I possess I will if I don't know about something I will try to find out the information through either my books on magick, occultism, Wicca, witchcraft and herbs and their magickal properties or through talking to my friends who practice large varieties of magick.

Best of luck with any magick you do ~ Abrakus