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Name: LittleT
Location: Hull England
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I am an open minded person who has followed the pagan path I became a pagan because I was always drawn by a deep feeling of never being alone and getting the strangest sensations in certain places this started when I was a teenager I could walk in a room and sense peoples feelings not only in general but about one another I found if I concentrated I could build up an energy inside myself until I went dizzy then I found I could channel my energy out of my body so I started looking in to it and descoverd paganism and it felt right so I have spent the last few years following the path but still feel I'm not reaching my goal I am drawn to all types of magik but never gone past basic spells as I feel I need guidance to move on the spells I have done have been a success and would share this with the right person if it would help establish what lvl I am at with my spells , so if their is anyone able to give me guidance I would be very great full ,
Blessed be xx