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Name: KiraKronos
Birthday: Oct 31 2000
Location: N/A
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sat, 24 Jan 2015
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Personal Bio
Some stuff about myself:
Name: K?ra
Age: 13
Race: Half-dragon
What I like:
Music Genres: Modern rock, screamo, death metal, grunge, gothic, industrial, hip hop, rap
Animals: Dragons, eagles, kittens, griffins, scorpions, snakes
Video games: Guitar hero, Skylanders, Minecraft
What I dislike:
Music genres: None
Animals: Fisher cats, crabs, porcupines, bees
Video games: ???
My dragon form:
Breed: Night Fury+Desert Fantail+Water+Western+Eastern+?
Scale color: Black with some navy blue shadings
Wings: Finger-webbed wing with navy blue lining
Tail: Same tail as Toothless' tail, but with brown-black spikes along the top
Arms+Legs: Brown-black spikes on the heel
Head: Ear-like plates with a pair of plates in between the ear plates and along the jaw and two cheek fins
Body: Brown-black spikes along the back
Neck: Brown-black spikes along the back of neck