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Name: Cartiair
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I am 17 and a member of the great coven of spell casters. I come from a family that have been practicing magic since... Wow i look back to think how many years ago that speech was and wow have i grown guess what everyone I'm back and if i do say so better than ever I would like to say hello to all my old friends. I have been gone for quite some time and have rediscovered myself and learned soooooo much about the craft since i was last here in 2008...sometimes it takes for one to get lost to truly find themselves and what they truly wish to discover now that I'm back its time to lay some serious spells on this website and to all my former students "Hey im back from my journey lol". My newer spells that i will b adding to the edition of previous ones I have submitted are definitely for the more adept Wicca. All spells are strong and potent because of the will power behind the caster, but some spells are strong and potent on their own due to the energy behind the creation of the spell. Please note this before performing any newer spells one would find in my collection. PS:I DO NOT CAST 4 OTHER PEOPLE =D