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Name: FairyLilly
Birthday: Sep 11
Location: India
Gender: Female
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I'm Lilly.
I'm a Virgo.
And a proud Indian.
Also a Hindu.
I like Green, Blue and Red.
I am an open book. Ask anything and everything, you'll get the answer.
I love to read and I love adventure and action, fantasy and horror. I love to sing as well.
I know every single thing about the Hindu rituals and how they are practiced. I also have studied the Hindu mythology and am an expert on them.
Anyone requiring any assistance on the above topic can mail me and I'll reply.
I try to practice.
I can be kind of Awkward at times but when you've gotten to know me , I can be Funny , Witty and Sarcastic.
And Most of all I like to believe and am open to all possibilities.