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Name: Laka
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Here is a little bit about the Name I have chosen Laka is most well known as the goddess of the hula and the forest. Even today, in very traditional hula halaus, an altar or offering is prepared in honor of Laka with a very specific succession of plants. In some traditions of Hawaii the hula was brought to the islands by a brother and sister, both named Laka. Although prayers are addressed to Laka in many hula performances, few, if any, hulas are ever dedicated to her. Because of many stories connecting Laka to impregnation and fruitfulness, Beckwith calls her "the goddess of love." The name laka means "gentle, docile, attracted to, to attract," and there are old chants asking Laka to attract not only love, but wealth. Of very different origin, she was nevertheless incorporated into the Pele religion. Due to her associations with the forest she represents the element of plants. Laka: Aloha, Green, Plants, Love (Compassion)


Please Do not mail me with you want to turn into something !!?
You ARE HUMAN and always will be?
You will never Become a vampire or a werewolf EXC.
I also will NOT cast for you?
It is always better to do it your self?
I will Help direct you the right way :)

*** I have been in this site for a long time

I have studied Anthropology, folklore, astronomy... as a hobby and in school?

I love to read?

I'm not new I have many years experience, but I will never stop learning


Everything else about me you will have to learn as we go :) ***

~ learn from your life.

~ we all have something to learn.

~ find your inner person.

~ Be grounded and centered.

~ love your self and who you are ~I have learned that life is tough, but I'm tougher.

~~~Bright Blessings all :)~~~