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" We make our choices and take what comes and sooner or later, in ways we can't always fathom, the consequences come back to us " - Daud A relevant Summary: I began to grow interest in the field of magic long ago when i was about 14, and it was from a game that i had been playing for a while (World of Warcraft). Yes some may think this is odd but hey, some people just have a calling to it, and some may get interested through some other means. I don't judge. Now i did say interested, i never really began "practice" for what you could call it, until i was 16 and a Sophomore in High School. I gained limited knowledge with no direction and just worked with that, i even brought my best friend along. He's cool too, even though he's more into rationality than Magick, but he still observed and even tried a few things. I took my "failure" and lack of knowledge as to reason why nothing worked (I say "failure" because i knew i was putting something out there, but it was not what i aimed for). I then took a pause on it for the 3-4 weeks of doing this with my friend and focused on my studies. Until just recently i started going to my local "Half-Price Books" store and to my delight they had a "Spirituality/Religion" section. I then spent time browsing with my friend and another who recently became part of our "In crowd" (I let him in on the topics at hand), He took it with more excitement than my older friend. So we bought our first book (Mine in terms of money), and were really excited, we also met a Satanist there looking for the Satanic Bible. We laughed about it outside the store (Since the moment was kind of awkward/funny). This process goes on (Minus the Satanist) Until i amassed quite a few books (In my eyes) and my one friend still a rational person and the other ready to delve into study and practice with me. Recently my friend (The excited one) and I went to the book store again, and we met a Pagan there, who has been practicing and studying the topic since he was 8, and he basically laid down for us what we needed to do. I was answering questions wrong related to energy (Positive Negative), got confirmation on my friend being possessed by a demon of some kind (We performed a cleansing using Sage and Sweet grass later that night since he spent the night) and he also told us what we needed to do in terms of Self-Balance, My friends physical element is fire (if that's appropriate to say), and his spiritual one is earth, and he explained how he needed to become untangled within his own web of strings that consist of everything in the universe (I'm thinking this has to do with spiritual vibrations and sacred geometry how we're all connected etc). He then said that i need to control my Psychic Vampirism and balance my two spiritual elements which are fire and water, he explained how my water is putting out my fire, my physical element is earth. He then told us to grab these two books and start a clean slate, studying and practicing together. He also did say that Tarot is something i should be doing so i bought some cards and i'm enjoying that as well, he also commented on the type of Magick that would be for me which is High Magick. After all that i am now here. Books That I Currently Own: 1. The Inner Temple of Witchcraft, By: Christopher Penczac (The book the man told us to start from) 2. The Magician's Tables -A Complete Book of Correspondences-, By: Alan Richardson 3. Witchcraft -Theory and Practice-, By: Ly De Angeles 4. Planetary Spells & Rituals, By: Raven Digitalis 5. Mastering Witchcraft -A Practical Guide For Witches, Warlocks, and Covens-, By: Paul Huson 6. The Book of Runes, By: Ralph Blum 7. Relationship Runes, By: Ralph Blum and Bronwyn Jones 8. Teutonic Magic -The Magical & Spiritual Practices of the Germanic Peoples-, By: Kveldulf Gundarsson 9. Culpeper's Complete Herbal, By: Nicholas Culpeper 10. The Dream Book - Dream Spells, Nighttime Potions, And Rituals, And Other Magical Sleep Formulas-, By: Gillian Kemp 11. The Book of Alchemy, By: Francis Melville 12. The Lost Books of Merlyn, By: Douglas Monroe 13. A Witch's Guide to Faery Folk, By: Edain McCoy 14. Enochian Vision Magick - An Introduction and Practical Guide to the Magick of Dr. John Dee and Edward Kelley, By: Lon Milo DuQuette Anything Else: Feel free to message me with relevant information! If you want to be friends, don't ask out of the blue, because that's not friendship, however i would call you an acquaintance if i feel that is worth saying. Thanks :)