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Name: ICEWIND125
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I'm 24 gay, Spiritualist/Wiccan-Witch practitioner, psychic empathic & esp dose abit of all magic mostly sprit, but I mostly use faith magic. I use my rings with my power. I work with herbs, crystals, & energy. Love yaoi. Love learning and knowing all types of magic even black don't practice it except binding, energy, power, conjuring, and banishing spells. NO LIVE OFFERING EXFOR PLANTS AND ENERGY THATS MY #1 RULE. Ask me anything you want. Fav. Quote is "To know everything is to know nothing, but to know nothing is to know everything." by Confucius GODS I Worship - Tsukuyomi Japanese male moon god, Nodens male Celtic deity associated with healing, the sea, hunting and dogs, & Kuebiko is the Shinto kami ("god; deity") of knowledge and agriculture, represented in Japanese mythology as a scarecrow, & the Five Elemental spirits Earth-Fire-Wind-Water-Metal other things I work with are: empathy divination RUNES herbs BINDING stones, gems, crystals symbols mythology spirits cleansing/banishing energy working/manipulation MASTER IN BARRIERS/protection/shields