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Name: BlightWyvern
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Bright Blessings to all! I am fairly new here I'm thrilled to join the community. I never really considered what I was good with in the "craft" mainly because where I am from it is heavily scolded upon. That That aside, I have discovered I am very good in using herbs for teas, incense, craft, and healing. While that is my main focus I also am decent with crystal usage and astral projection methods. I aspire to learn how to do a bit of all types of spells (healing, and banishing just to name a couple. I may seem a little "intimidating" to some but I'm really not, feel free to message me I don't bite! I usually go by "Blighty", just a little tid-bit of info. I'll post more "stuff" here as I think of it. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Root: under-active(-56%) Sacral: open (12%) Navel: under-active (-6%) Heart: under-active (-31%) Throat: open (6%) Third Eye: over-active (69%) Crown: under-active (-19%)