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Name: MekoMelody
Location: Thailand
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*If I didn't reply to your messages it's either because my message didn't sent or I'm away. The only messages I can't be bothered to reply are the one word messages* Hello :) I'm Melody I've always been interested in magic. I'm here to learn and make new friends :) So you can message me if you want :D ( But please don'just say hi, like if you wana be friends then say something more creative,like message me saying'I love food' so I know that you actally read my bio teehee) I've been looking through is website for like a year but I become a member on 15/9/13 some people ask me if I have a boyfriend, I don't know why but yes I do :) I'm not working on any spell at the moment. just trying to meditate and doing the basics. I'm also learning how to read tarot so if you have any tips you can message me yay! I enjoy watching anime and reading manga. My favorite animes are Gantz, Attack on Titan, Death note, and Dragon ball :D If I messaged you that means I've read your bio and find you interesting. I'll probably start the conversation with 'Hi!! I'm Melody, hehe. I'm from Thailand which means I'm not very good at English so please don't be mean ok? XD