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Name: BamItLilMama
Location: In my room and living with a gangster family that I am not relate too
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sun, 06 Oct 2013
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Hello, I am also a beginner with this but I finger out that am a psychic but there's always something or anything that may cause my life and what am going through is hard I maybe one day I'll ask for someone opinions what to do.

Elements : Water,Air

  • I'm Quiet & Sweet and lots of shyness, People's favors that I keep secrets even you can tell if I lied very easy
  • I see spirits but I thought that was normal to be a blind person but turns out that I hear angels,see past,energies & dreams
  • Sunset is my favor time of the day to see something beautiful in the sky!
  • I love to draw,write,red,sing,

If you would like a options what to do if you are upset about something (PLEASE MESSAGE TO ME I DO UNDERSTAND FOR A LOW AGE OF My experience during life with my others)

  • Love, myself