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Hello, and welcome to my profile. I am a practicing pagan of almost 20 years. My craft is extremely personal and leans more towards nature and folk magick. I have had a few people try to message me with the intent of "teaching me" the craft. Please don't do that. It's unsolicited advice, and it's really quite rude to assume anyone would want to learn something from you unless they ask. I already have an established practice. I am open to conversation and comparing paths, but do not message me with the assumption that I need a "teacher" without conversing with me first. That actually applies to most people. Don't message people with such assumptions, it makes you look extremely pretentious and people don't like it. One important element in my craft (in most people's crafts) is botanical medicine and working with herbs. Working with herbs actually extends beyond my craft and into my daily life. I have been studying herbal medicine for the last few years, and I am working toward meeting the American Herbalist's Guild's (AHG) requirements to become a registered herbalist. I am utilizing independent study, so it is taking me a little longer, but it's nice to be able to learn at my own pace. I actually put together a class on Udemy for people who are interested in learning about herbalism and it can be found on the website link on this profile.