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Name: kttygreywolf
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I am new to using items and candles in spells. Ive always pointed my finger and said my own spell. My brother calls me the angel of death. ive seen and heard things that would make a grown man turn tail and run. I have felt energy that is pure evil and seen the being that was making it. Ive felt the peace and tranquility that comes from good and seen the one that makes it. Some say go see a doc about the voices. Well been there, done that and after two visits i came to the conclusion that he was the one needing the help. In the process of trying to figure me out, he just referred me to someone else. I just laughed at him. My demon is mine, he comes and goes whenever he wants. When my neighbor came up and busted my lip. My brother said that my eyes were turning red and that it freaked him out. (that happened at night) The two times i have hurt the most,the people that caused it have paid the price." I say the line, 3 years is the time". I have been called a pyromaniac because i love to start and play with fire. My favorite snake would have to be the Egyptian asp. I look to the weather and animals for different signs. I feel and feed off peoples emotions. I can feel when something is going to happen (sometimes). My visions are of things to come and some have come true. There is a difference between dreams and visions. My favorite time of year is fall. My favorite holiday is Halloween. I love everything native american(me Cherokee Choctaw and creek heritage). I make my own jewelry and i take pride in it. When i hear the wolf howl i know not far behind it death will occur. I have heard the wolf 4 times and after the howl we would get a call saying a family member has passed away. I don't cast spells for people. You cannot turn yourself or other people into vampires, werewolves, or other mythical creature. So stop asking. Life is what you make of it. Everything happens so we may learn from it. No one is immortal. We are all flesh and blood and we will all die in the end. What death teaches is that life is the most precocious gift of all. I live one day at a time. Life is to short to be angry and serious all the time. So live life, Laugh often, and Love always. Spend as much time with family as you can because You never know when there time on earth is done. The body will die but the soul will live on.