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I'm a 57-year old male in upstate New York. I was involuntarily inducted into the Catholic Church less than a month after I was born, but I freed myself at about age 12 and became a full-fledged atheist. My beloved late wife, Christi, practiced Wicca. I read up about it and thought the "one with nature" aspect was better than any organized religion so I helped her with her practice by getting her books and supplies, but I never became involved myself. When she passed away, I was lost and suicidal. One night when I was near acting on my suicidal wish, I was begging her to come take me. I then experienced something which I took as her coming to me. I felt my self (for a lack of a better term) being pulled out of my body and snapping back into it. This happened twice. Christi used to hit me in the back of the head whenever I said or did something dumb and I honestly felt like this was her smacking me again. This prompted me to get and read some books on near death experiences and the afterlife. It also prompted me to get a reading. I am convinced beyond all doubt that I was in contact with Christi. We talked about too many things known only to us. One of the things she told me was that Wicca wasn't for me because I wouldn't be 100% committed to it. She told me Irish Celtic beliefs was the right path for me, and also Norse runes. So, here I am today, a former atheist now convinced that there is an afterlife and it isn't that judgmental one preached by the organized religions. I haven't practiced yet because I'm still learning how to relax and meditate and open my mind to the guides and spirits. Its hard for me to quiet the analytic side of my brain so its a slow process. But I continue reading, I've gathered my tools and supplies, and I continue to use guided relaxation and meditation CDs. I also still see the woman who did the reading for me and she helps me with meditation and Chakra work.