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don't really belong to any religion, or belief, but I keep a very open mind. I see the perks of many and I had many paranormal encounters, and I know there is more to the human conscious that we will like to believe, as well darkness that hides in our nature. when I was little I learned a lot from a unique friend, its open some doors and it help in so many ways in real life, it has become a part of me and I accept it. I was lost and dark, then I realized what am I to me, and it a way it saved me. I realize now that we humans have power all unique only to us. my power still unique need refining so I learn much as I look for a old friend. I learned alchemy on my own time and was hoping to find a teacher, I was tought a more physical form of magic that i could describe with one word, "primal", hence the name hellhound from old friends. i have others but i keep that a secret since i haven't full learned the yet. finally the meaning of the architect :) An architect can only draw a house with predetermined requirement and the according of the natural laws in mind, he can however express himself immensely within this frame work. A architect is bound by rules, as a being bound by laws, but it doesn't mean he cant be creative. A architects adapts, utilizing the world around him, formulating ideas, changing the nature of the items he touches, for it is in his name "to be a god amongst men".