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Name: aquaning82
Birthday: Nov 14 1993
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I started on this site looking for a way to make myself happier, and in that search I've came to find myself, and better my life in ways I never thought I could. I learned that I am precog, I've always known there was something, but it was until this year (2016) that I've learned what it was and that there are methods to expand this gift. I am a student here and of life, I am here to learn, but also to share my knowledge when I can. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Element: Water Sun Sign: Scorpio Moon Sign: Sagittarius Known Gifts: Precognition, Tarot, and a slow understanding of Dream interpretation ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I've been collecting rocks, feathers, and others things off the floor since I was young because they made me feel good, it wasn't until recently that I realized that I collected them because they have strong and happy energies. ------------------------------------------------------------- Free Tarot Readings are UNAVAILABLE (i am currently sick, so all readings are postponed till I feel better, I don't want my negativity to get into my cards, sorry if you are waiting) ~~~Please be patient, if your reading is an urgent matter I suggest emailing me because otherwise if you message me on here I may not get to it for a while. Also since I'm not asking for anything from you, you can't demand a reading from me I have a right to decline reading for you, so please just be nice I am a person~~~ **please send me you question, but please don't only send me a question. Also send a description of yourself, I don't need your irl name, but I do need to have a essences of who you are, you don't have to tell me your whole life story, just tell me why you are here at this point, what brought you here, [also if you ask for a HEALTH question I'm not doing that, I'm sorry, but I will ignore it] why do you want to know what you're asking. I've been told by many people that my intuition is strong, but if I only have a simple question to go off of when reading, the results will become vague, the more detailed you are the more detailed the reading can be. Disclaimer: Please note I am not a professional. This is not going to be like getting a reading from someone in person. This is what will happen: Based on your query I will choose a spread that I feel fits the best, or that I feel will reap the best response. I will get your essence from what you've told me and the question you have, shuffling the cards in a way that I feel you would. After I've shuffled and dealt, I will send you a message with a numeric account of the spread I've used telling you a description of each card, then I will ask for your feedback, and when I say feedback, I don't mean to ask whether it was a good or bad reading, I mean to ask is there anything you want to know more about is there a card you want me to explain more about You can PM me here or email me at: