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Name: Anjinoo
Birthday: 2000
Location: There can be miracle when you believe
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sun, 28 Dec 2014
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Call me Anjinoo,Ann,Anja or Anii for short.

I've been studying Magick since 2008/2009

If your nice to me than I will be nice to you btw don't make me angry otherwise expect to be reported.

Rules for mailin' me:

Anyway if I can help you out with something(about magic or spells) just message me,DON'T MESSAGE ME FOR NONESENSE(mermaid,werewolf...etc) and anything perverted,because if you do i'll ban and report you but I'll gladly help you with anything related to magick as long as it's not messed up or fluffs I'm a happy-go lucky,nice,energetic and REALLY talkactive girl but don't mess with me otherwise i'll whup your butt! Also the truth is i'm too busy(not with magick) but with normal things,life and fun. I work with all of the elements and am great at all of 'em but I connect best with air and fire.

My element is air and my spirit animals are wolverine,wolf and a crow.

I study:


-Dream Interpretation

-Altered States of Consciousness

-Animal totems/guides

-Hexes, Jinxes and Curses




-Folklore and Mythology



-Spirits and Wights

-Spiritual Paths


-Practical Sorcery

-Sigils & Symbolism

-Sympathetic Magick









-Dream Magick

-Element Magick

-Mind,body & soul


Not really related but I've also been practicing (well at least trying to)



***PLEASE KNOW*** that I can't perform any spells for you, I can only help with spells and help you write one,suggest you spells but i can't perform 'em mostly because i do not want to,you learn by doing it although remember to STUDY a lot before even casting a simple one and i need to know you and trust you personally to do that,I can perform spells for others, but only for those who i personally know