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Ms.Shadow's Profile

Member Info
Name: Ms.Shadow
Birthday: Jun 20 2000
Location: lyingin a black furnished coffin.
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sat, 05 Oct 2013
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
Hey, I like to change between white and blac magic from time to time. I like to be a great laugh with my friends but am devoted to my studies in tarot reading and comunicating with spirits. I am experienced in healing spell s and basic spiritual spells and am just starting to learn more scrying basics and am open to give tarot readings in exchange for useful real spells. Age:13 Style:emo Hobbies:witchcraft,writing,chilling Powers:spiritual guidence,clairvoyance,psychic I will report anyone who takes advantage of my skills or time, thank you. Oh, I am alsoa lesbian. You wanna kill yourself?- imagine this You come home from school one day.you've had yet another horrible day. You're just ready to give up. So you walk up to your bedroom and find the suicide note that you've written and rewritten over and over and over again, you take out the razor blades and cut for the the last time. Take out the pills and take them all, lie on your bed, clutching the note to your chest as you slowly take your last breathes. Later your little brother comes to your door to tell you dinners done, you don't answer so he comes in, he thinks your sleeping so he tells your mom. She comes in to wake you up and see's your lifeless body and reads the note crying and screaming at you. Your brother doesn't understand so he gets your father and tells him that your moms crying, he see's your body and falls to his knees, crying together, your parents falling apart while your brothers still so confused. The next day there is an announcement, the news sinks in and your friends begin to cry,your ex can't cope with it all and runs out, the popular girls remember all the insults and criticism they did to you, the boy who teased you feeling guilty and wondering why he didn't just tell you how beautiful you really were. Your teachers thinking they were to hard on you and your best friend just feels numb like everything is been torn apart. At the funeral everyone pays their respects and remembers all their memories they have of you, your best friend is strong until they beigin to lower your casket and crys for days. Your brother still doesn't knw the truth, he just knows your gone. 2 years later and your ex doesn't know how to love anymore and sleep around, the popular girls have eating dissorders, the boy who teased you is a cutter, your teachers have quit their jobs, your brother crys himself to sleep because he knows the truth, your best friend tried to commit suicide but didn't succede, your parents are divorced, your mom is depressed and your father is a workoholic. Don't just kill yourself because you THINK your useless because your not, you are what holds everyones happy little worlds together even though they don't know it. Think before you take action because you don't just take your life you take their sanity and souls. Copy this if you care about your life and the life of the people around you. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Can yuo raed tihs? Olny 55% of poelpe can raed tihs. I culodtn' blveiee that I culod raed tihs nad atculay udenrsantd ayn fo tihs. The phaonmneal pwoer fo the mnid, aoccrdngi ot raesecrh ta cmabirged uinevrisyt, ti deson't mtetr in waht odrer teh wrod is in, the ipmrotnat tihng is taht the frsit nad lsat ltteers are in teh rghit palce the rset can be a ttoal mses bcaeuse our biarn deosnt raed all teh wrod. Weird huh? Cpoy tihs if yuo can raed tihs!