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Name: doninva
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Greetings, Thank you for stopping to read my bio. I am developing my psychic gift, and making head way. I also am working on spell casting, divination, working with herbs, stones and crystals, and candle magick. I have had good luck with my work so far and I would like to thank all of those who offered advice and help along the way. I like to meet people and talk, I ask a lot of questions, so do not be offended. I am a curious person by nature. Often I am compelled to talk to people on here. In many cases, it has been very beneficial. I like to help people as well as learn from others. Fields of interest or study Sun Wheel Magick Charms and Talismans Meditation Self Hypnosis Remote Viewing Healing magick I claim to be an expert at none of these things. I am a life long student. Earth is my classroom. NOTE: Please, if you have a empty profile, no pic, use one word messages such as just saying "hi," I will probably ignore you. Also if you ask for help changing into a vampire or anything else, I will ignore you. Here is a great, real example of how to NOT write me if you want to get a response: subject: k Message : xup hw can i get my gift? Take yourself halfway serious or I sure will not.