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Name: DemonQueen8
Birthday: Jan 6 1999
Location: Witchita KS
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 21 Oct 2013
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~Info about me~
Name: Selena
Element: Darkness
Status: Beginer Witch
Age: 14
Spirit Animal: Spider
I am mostly a vampire but im also part demon
I am currently studing Element magic, Black magic and various spells i happen to come across also im working on some spells for finding peoples spirit animals.
Also if u would like to chat mail me here or to my email
~Very important info~
Also im usualy nice to people but if u send me a message asking if i can see u on Skype or a webcam or anything like that DO NOT ask me to unless i know u well so if u do i will block u. People who just want to regularly chat with me u are perfectly alowed to do so.
~What i like to do~
I like drawing.casting spells,watching movies,stay up late,meditating,listening to music,playing the piano,reading.
~My fav movies and shows~
Law and Order
Medicine Man
28 Days Later
That 70's show
The Office
30 Rock
Rules of Engagement
Wolf Girl
The Purge
World War Z