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Name: Subkonshis
Location: Detroit, MI
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I'm here to speak with other magicians about their craft and gain ideas and resources. My basic view on reality is of a kabalistic sense, and I surely do not believe in magic being carried out from an empirical source and merely tricking your mind to trickle down into reality. If that's your view than more power to you my friend.
I believe there are multitudes of spirits occupying our physical, astral, and all other planes of existence, and magic carried out when their services are utilized. There is some pact between there kind and ours which gives humans the ability to control them. I believe Humans are actually some of the most powerful spiritual entities in existence, or we have the potential to become them. Our emotions create and guide the direction of the universe.
I'm also pretty chill too, I write rap music, play video games, and drink heavily on the weekends. I like anime too.
My ultimate spiritual goal is to walk the middle path up to Kether, but I'm a long way from there, lol.
Feel free to hit my inbox if you have a question or just want to talk about something, I have a vast reservoir of occult resources and books to share, and I'm sure I could learn a lot more from most of you all.
I'm pretty laid back, and I don't think I've been mean to a person in years.

Much Love,