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I will be adding some music links here as time goes by:

I am Christopher. Frankish Norse, Acadian lineage. I am a Norse Pagan. I am the last Sorcier of our original line. What I practice is very old, as Rome was still an empire when my family began this journey.
My contemporary professional life revolves around the arts and sciences and I have lived and worked on every continent. I travel often and may disappear for periods of time. Please understand if I am slow to respond at times.
We may respectfully discuss most anything you wish, but please do not ask a question if you do not want my honest opinion. I will respect your perspective, experiences and beliefs and only ask that you respect mine.
I am interested in sharing which means we have an opportunity to learn from each other. I am willing to help, if you ask and I feel it is appropriate to do so. Knowledge is power and without wisdom, can be quite dangerous.
In relation to my life, sorcery is simply the application of skills, acquired along with knowledge, over a lifetime of work, as a small part of my family's work in progress. We have been working on our art for approximately 2200 years. So much time may be hard for you to accept, but I assure you that we are not nearly to oldest line.
Sorcery is not an easy path to follow. To gain the simplest ability to control, requires an exact understanding of both the natural laws in effect, the conditions at hand as well as what changes the sorcerer needs to cause, in order for the desired event to take place. To make it seem even more complex, what the sorcerer needs to effect, in order to cause any particular event, is more often, not apparent to the untrained mind.
I suggest you not worry so much about causing fog, rain or lightning to strike. While possible, they are extraordinarily difficult tasks.
The most valuable skill you can develop, is to be able to change another person's perception of events, without them knowing a change has taken place. This is without a doubt, the most effective service any sorcerer/sorceress has rendered to the houses they have served.
I will not argue over what is and is not possible. However, I am usually willing to explain in general, how certain events may be caused. Understand that not even the most powerful practitioners use higher magic casually. More often in small things, yes.
To make something clear: Higher Magic is not elaborate ritual, it is the ability to cause an event by thoughts alone. The more you are able to accomplish without tools such as a wand, staff, crystal, candle, alter or what ever, the higher your magic. Nothing wrong with those tools at all. I use them as well.
I joined this community because I'm hoping to find a few open minded modern practitioners. I do feel quite alone in this part of the world. I have always been quite private about my arts, so joining this community is also an experiment.
My arts are not entertainment for me, but a lifetime of study, practice and application. I am all about a good joke, and am more than willing to listen about and enjoy the lighter side of Magic, but I see a great many challenges in the years ahead. Collectively, there will be much important work to do. Much to do before I go.