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Name: KittenFae
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I have held an interest in Magick for several years, and only recently have I applied myself to learning and gaining knowledge about it, and putting that knowledge to use.
I am in no means an expert on magick, but I'd like to believe that I do have some basic knowledge on the subject. I don't have enough knowledge to define myself as a witch, but based on what knowledge I do have I'd most likely be classified as NeoPagan or Eclectic Pagan.
I am discovering many paths to take in this journey, and still deciding what interests me and what doesn't. I am interested in candle magic, making incense and candles for magick use, and learning to raise, manipulate, and focus energy for spells through dance. I am interested in exploring shamanism, fae and faerie magick, and chakras. I'm sure this list will slowly grow as I discover new and interesting things.