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Name: Defenda
Location: Estonia
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Tue, 24 Aug 2021
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Hello. Welcome. I hope when the winds have drifted you onto my profile, maybe it isn?t just a coincidence.
I have been in the magic world for over 10 years and one of my dreams would be to create a coven-type warm and close community. I don?t want it to be overtopping and power-grabbing type. I want to guide and teach and I want to recieve guidance as well. Drop me a message in the pm if you’re interested.
I mainly participate in dragon magick, druidism and northern magick. I have a fair share of book knowledge, but most of my power and guidance comes from my blood.
I’m often busy and it may take ages for me to reply, but don’t hesitate. I’ll never forget this site.