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My names derrick im 20 and yes im half British and half Austrailian so my accents kinda thick, i enjoy photography ,art, acceptance of people and new ideas,hiking,fishing and camping under the stars. I love to cook especially for friends and loved ones and i love animals , i have 2 dogs, a snake, and i used to have a pet hawk but he died last week unfortunatly from natural causes. I dont want to pretend i know anything about people or try to say ive been in your shoes because i havent but i feel when it comes to friendships you should put in your best efforts at all times because if they are your friends it shouldent be a problem and relationships to me are like wine, it takes many years for it to mature and blossem but is worth it in the end, the longer you grow to know each other and respect each other the more likly you are to last.True love is defind by a 5 things: 1.Respect for your dreams and asperitions. 2.Kindness to those you love and know as well as other life on this planet. 3.Honoring those limits and boudaries set forth by your partner. 4. Love unconditional and limitless for you cant be with a person and put so much effort to know them if you do not love them. 5.Truth is the last but not least not only to be truthful to yourself but to others especially those you love and care for. These are the foundations of my relationships and my life. It seems like something i should put but i live in my car in ocean beach and dont have alot of money but i do my best to get by and hopefully for some a good friend or more would be nice if they understand my situation, i go to sleep to the ocean and wake up to the parrots :) These Lines below are my personnal opinios of governtment and life: This life we live is only as strong and free and the laws that the government allows. In life we find that most people have been done wrong my the same people they serve willing or unwilling. As people we have power to control this through marches, protests and (peacful demonstrations). This is only a fraction of what we used to have only 200 years ago, how can we go from having many rights and fr...eedom, true freedom to limited access to the basics of life. A man we dont even know controls what we do through threats of violence and death. How can one person be more valueable and powerful than you? For what right does he or she have over you, you dont tell people what they can and cannot do? Fair treatment is exspressly always talked about , the golden rule, yet if you for instance walk across the street when there are no cars anywhere around and do not hurt anyone or cause damage to others, how can you be given a ticket or put in jail. There is no logic anymore only the desire for more money by crushes people who already struggle with life. The govenment thinks we need them, but in reality the fact is without us they have no one to govern, they need us. The laws that you dident agree on , that you dont feel or think in any way hurt anyone , are the ones you have to abide by. If your neighbor uses water, why are you sent the bill, thats what happens with the laws. If someone shoots at a school or theature and they catch them or kill them, then what purpose does it have to assume that it will happen again. Police and governments dont beleave in taking chances so they will take your rights to assure you cant do what ever they are afraid of. In reality if everyone had weapons there would be peace because everyone would know that everyone is equal and equaly as dangerous. Police and government officals can carry weapons yet we cannot because they would feel threatened but in truth they feel equal because no one is speacial over anyone else. The power they have comes from our ability to give in to lay low out of fear of anarchy. Unfortuanatly they dont realize that if a man walks into a bank with a gun with an attempt to rob it and there are 30 to 40 customers with guns as well he may be warded off. The choice to become violent is just that, a choice and ours is being made for us, that we are all bad therefore we cant have weapons. People say its scary to see a man walk into school with a gun, but whats even worse is to know the staff and teachers dont have one to fight back. So heres the motto of the new age police and government " you sit there and get shot and we will send help as soon as we can" to bad at may take several minutes to get there and then its to late. However if the teacher shot the man as he was about to open fire on others lives would be saved and time would be saved. There is no more sensibility when it comes to morality because we cant do what we beleave whats right unless the law says it is for example , if a police officer is fighting with a criminal and a man is walking by with a gun and shoots the criminal before he hurts the officer, he saved the officer but now by law the officer must arrest the man because he wasent allowed to carry a gun. So ask yourself is that moraly right to be arrested for helping? And who really has the right, the law to take a life? Are you certified to take a life? Why should you fallows laws you never agreed to for reason you dont belave in? Who has the right to put someone you dont know in charge of you? Think of these things by brothers and sisters of life, liberty and justice dedicated to true freedom for all. If you feel as i do you may contact me on here as well as on my phone at 18589451028 i have verizon and find that communing about relatable thing often brings about good conversation,sencerly V