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Merry Meet my name is Emily and I am 14 I have parcticed witchcraft since the age of 11 I still have much to learn since there will always be new things to learn about magick. My zodiac sign is Aquarius and I was born on January the 27 and I love greek mythology My favorite goddess is Artemis My favorite god is Poseidon I ony practice White magick even though I have made some Black magick spells I'm currently trying to find my element and it's taking awhile(because I feel connected to fire and air) so if you can help I would appreciate that I practicing Aerokineseis ( getting better everyday I can summon a fairly good wind on a hot day :D) I love Black Veiled Brides, One Republic, Blood on the Dance Floor, Sleeping With Sirens,the Script, and I love Panic! at the Disco My pets are a dog(shih-poo I know funny name), a cat(main coon), a puppy(chocolate lab), and a parrot I can speak English, Spanish, and Japanese(yes in that order with English as my first language) I LOVE drawing anime manga characters and chibis !!!!I LOVE KUROSHITSUJI(BLACK BUTLER)!!! I'm Mexican/Guatemalan and the only one interested in witchcraft in my family that's just a few thing about me and I would love to hear from new people :D