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So uhm hello. There is alot about myself that'd i like to say. im not exactly wiccan but im finding my way i guess. Even the most strongest people are broken. Like a mask we need to dissect it and find a way to help those in need. Like a circle everyday we are dying but we are living, like a seed we are a new beginning. But as we grow we may stray away from our roots. We live we laugh, we cry but we should never forget where we came from is where we'll end. Yes im learning magic, and yes i am on the hunt for knowledge, yes there is so much i dont know but i dont want to be ignorant and die without even knowing. I wish to learn about the "darker" side of magic. but i want to learn about the "lighter" side of magic. I want to learn about what happened many years ago. i want to learn about the gods and goddesses. Also i want to learn about alchemy also. I have so many ideas and such a long journey ahead of me that im afraid ill get lost. My path as far as i know dances between lines. And to be honest its not much of a path is more of me deciding who i am. I know im not the only one who has questions like me. Im familiar with the basics. But i think i need to learn about the history before i begin with my future. Remember that plant i said earlier? Im going to become a forest.