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Name: Sebe
Birthday: Jan 26
Location: Somewhere in America.
Last Seen: Sun, 12 Feb 2017
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Hi! I'm Sebe or Mod S. I do magix.
I may not be on here often, as I am usually on my Tumblr but when I am on here, I'll post spells!
I believe in soulbonding and otherkin/fictionkin and I am part of the LGBT comunity. If that, for some reason, makes you hate me, please leave my profile and never come back.
Mod S. uses they/them pronouns.
Realized I should probably give some information about myself, so here I go!
Fandom: Steven Universe, Undertale
Kin: FicKin w/ Chara
Zodiac: Aquarius
Age: 14 gonna be 15 soon
Please mail me if you wanna talk about magix stuff!
Spell requests: OPEN! Mail me a request and I'll make a working spell for you!
--- Disclaimer: I say magix because people can call it magic or magick or magik and i prefer magix because it's like a wild card. It can be any of them! Plus it sounds cool ---