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Name: SunshineVal
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I am a beginner looking to build knowledge, friendship and hopefully give to those who need help. I'm a bit shy at first but, once i get to know you, you'll have a friend in me for life. I enjoy learning about all forms of magick and spiritual paths. I have a background in candles, crystals, and spell writing. I also enjoy Tarot reading. I meditate every day and would like to get to know my spirit guide better. I'm currently learning about Norse Paganism and Shamanism. I consider myself patient and friendly, however, please don't email me with "Hi". I have a busy schedule and love to help people but, it would be nice if you had a point to contacting me. I won't help you with "Love Spells" either, pushing someones will into a direction that they aren't naturally drawn to do, is not something I am comfortable with. If you think you are a werewolf or a vampire, please don't email me. However, the subject can be debated and is interesting. On this vast learning experience in life, I find that the perfect answer is what is right for you, not what someone else tells you is right. I'm a strong believer in traditions and they should be respected and carried on. Never stop learning something new. We are all looking for our place in this physical world. If the Gods and Goddesses have a plan for you, feel honored and reach out to do the best you can. They say knowledge is power, I find knowledge a privilege. There is a great deal to learn while we are here and so much still left to do. Make each day count to make a difference. Magick shouldn't be used as a quick fix microwaveable version of how to mend your love life. It takes dedication, time and a great deal of understanding. If it is important to you then you will make the effort to learn all you can. "If a poor man reaches the home of the rich, Let him wisely speak or be still; For to him who speaks with the hard of heart Will chattering ever work ill." -Odin, Vafpruaenismal: 10 "Thence come the maidens, mighty in wisdom, Three from the dwelling, down 'neath the tree; Urth is one named, Verthandi the next, On the wood they scored, and Skuld the third. Laws they made there, and life allotted To the sons of men, and set their fates." -Voluspa: 20