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Name: JellyPeanut
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Hi everyone. My name is Yzabela Velez-White (yeah that's my real name). I just turned 13 last April. I'm just new to this group but I have been practicing Wicca magic since I was 10. I'm mostly doing Wicca stuff because that's what I'm good at. Things About Me: I'm a modern-day Wiccan Witch I'm an empath I dream about things and they actually become real. Favorite Color: Yellow I like One Direction and Pop Music I don't do black magic because in my beliefs, it is evil I really love to eat but I don't get fat I'm just 13 but I'm already 5"1 for some reason I'm really friendly when it gets to befriending people but if you don't do good to me or to my friends, your gonna get into some serious trouble with me I like reading, casting spells, learning about different kinds of magic, studying, surfing, using the internet, watching movies, eating, listening to music and most especially being a Wiccan.