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Name: NightsSpirit
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Name: Dovesong (One of many) Element: Spirit Eyes: Ever changing Abilities: Strong tarot reader, weak empath, and psychic Religion: I am merely studying religions right now until I find one that is most suitable for me. Yes I have another account faesoul I have a son named Gabriel born July 25th 2015 IF YOU DON'T HAVE A PIC OF YOU I WILL NOT REPLY TO YOUR MESSAGE ______________________________________________________________________ My life has not been the easiest. I have mental scars from others as well as physical scar from myself. I have made many mistakes, but I have learned from them. I am usually up at night and I am connected with the moon. I have been studying magic for 3 years but regrettably I have not done any spells. You could say I have been a book worm and not going out and doing what the book says. I am a poet and a short story writer. I am not experienced in any magic and that is not my main focus at the time. My main focus is my empathic and psychic abilities. I have been told by other empaths that I do have strong abilities there is just something blocking the way of gaining all of it. I am a talkative person so you want to talk with me you can. I have an old soul, wisdom that sometimes shocks my peers, and passion for words. You will never meet anyone like me. My soul may be old but that doesn't stop me from acting like a kid at times. Though I may not know much about what you may be searching for I will help you and find someone who can guide you on your journey. I have a spellbook with 5,000 spells so if your in need of one I may be able to help. Do not be afraid to talk to me. All I ask is that you let me see a pic of you. _______________________________________________________________________ A passage from a book I'm writing: "Sometimes I realize just how lost in life I am. Sometimes I realize just how alone I am cause everyone I loved broke my heart. Sometimes I cry at night cause I remember everything. Sometimes I realize just how much it hurts to know people don't accept me. Sometimes I realize that my friend's that I have moved from forgot about me and don't care. Sometimes I realize I shut people out cause I want them to try and convince me so I know they still want me. Sometimes I realize all the lies I've told to protect what I love. Sometimes I realize that no one loves or wants me. Sometimes I realize guys just talk to me to get me in bed then stop talking to me. Sometimes I realize just how weak I truly am. All the time I realize... I am not worthy of affection. All the time I realize... No matter what I do the past and rumors will always haunt me. This is a taste of my sorrow. This is a taste of my life."