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UPDATED SEPTEMBER 21, 2015 "find though she be but little, she is fierce." - William Shakespeare "Do I contradict myself? Very well then I contradict myself, (I am large, I contain multitudes.)" -Walt Witman "I'm nobody, who are you? Are you nobody, too? Then there's a pair of us, don't tell! They'll banish us, you know."-Emily Dickinson "All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream." -Edgar Allen Poe I dream by day and live by night.I love to lose myself in books, and in music, and I am enthralled with art and the creating of it, primarily drawings. I mostly keep to myself, but can be super spaztastic at times. Side note: Do not flirt with me. Mood- Troubled Current Favorite Song- Crybaby by Melanie Martinez I have an old soul and am continuing to unlock new parts of myself and my abilities. Everybody seems to think being lost is a bad thing. People are afraid of the uncertain. They need closure, and a lot of times that means having a plan. I think being lost is just a transitional part of your life. I like to be able to count on things, but if you think you can rely on things going as planned, you're going to be a mess. No, I don't know where I'm going, or what to expect, and maybe that's not so bad. For now, I'd just like to ride things out and see where life takes me. I'd like to believe that everyone has a purpose, that everyone is connected to the rest of the universe just as the universe is connected to you. We are all alone in this world, but that doesn't mean we're by ourselves. I myself believe that the mind is a powerful thing, and with it, you can unlock things reserved in the farthest reaches of existence. I will do my best to help and provide an outside perspective to anyone who comes to me. Recommended Music These are some of my favorite bands/singers and some songs from them. Enjoy. (no particular order ) Porcelain and the Tramps- *Gasoline *The Nieghbor Twenty One Pilots- *Migraine Falling in Reverse- *I'm Not A Vampire Evanescence- *Imaginary *Lithium *Even in Death *tourniquet *Going Under *Bring me to Life *My Immortal My Chemical Romance- *The Black Parade *Teenagers *Demolition Lovers Linkin Park- *Somewhere I Belong *In The End *Lying from You Blood on the Dance Floor- *Bewitched *All the Rage *Damaged Eminem- *Stan *The Monster *Lose Yourself Panic! At the Disco- *Miss Jackson *Far too Young to Die *I Write Sins Not Tragedies Hollywood Undead- *Bullet *Everywhere I Go *The Diary Simon Curtis- *Flesh *Soul 4 Sale *Super Psycho Love Adam Lambert- *If I Had You *Sleepwalker *For Your Entertainment Lorde- *Glory and Gore *Tennis Court *Team Jeffree Star- *Beauty Killer *Lollipop Luxury *Prom Night Lady Gaga- *G.U.Y. *Love Game *Alejandro Marina and The Diamonds- *Obsessions *Primadonna Bubblegum B*tch Latest Poem: Still-life By Lucy Amelia T. (Me) Stumbling through Smoky mist. Stony cliff. Gray. Slip. Jagged bliss. Hopelessness. Will I be missed? Shadows kiss My brow. Is this Over now? I'm falling down I'm on a cloud. Slicing through thin air Cold, empty stare. How are we here My love Endless cinder sky But it's alright. It's a static rush Whispers hushed and shy And flickering, darted eyes Ashes from above. But it's killing me, this love. The stars and sky above Look down on me And they can see My vision is no longer mine.. No more need For compromise. I'm falling hard But it's alright. It's a clear, blurred lull, My eyes blank and dull And open wide!