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Name: KittehKat
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Formally .Temptation, Kittah, and k.flamers. And many other names. My name is Kara. I have been a practicing witch for about 7 years now. I am a singer, songwriter, and guitar player. Apart of a chanting circle that just lets nature be nature. A live dj also! cool huh? To me, the peace of balancing yourself is the most enjoyed thing. Sitting out in nature, energy flowing back and forth. Everything in nature has energy of some sort. Whispering winds, rocking trees. Everything. I am informed in: Divination Herbs Gemstones and crystals runes the balances of nature dream interpretation Astrology Chakras Currently studying: sabbats Shamanism Fae It takes a lot for us to find that peace in ourselves though. I am what people say is a "kitchen witch". Herbs and any plant catch my eyes. I have been studying every different herb known about their magic aspects as well as their health aspects. Each being different. I am a divinatory. Divination is another love of mine. I have several decks now, which a friend of mine got me started on doing. Reading into things is a hobby. Research is a good key to knowing something. Why stop at one source? There are many sources out there, books, and the internet. It is always a good thing to go to many sources, collecting the similarities and differences of each. And it is never bad to ask a question. Have two beautiful decks given to me recently that are eager to be broken in.