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everviolet's Profile

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Name: everviolet
Birthday: May 7 1999
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sat, 07 Jun 2014
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
Okay i am me i may be young, but i am smart, i may not be the most confident but i do know when i've gone to far to impress, i may seem fickle or vapid but i'm not arogant, i may say i like someone but hell i'm 14 how am i to decide everything NOW? You are you...... some of you are young some wise some just plan out undecided........you chose who you are...........I chose who ME is and i chose to be that girl who refuses to back down, do what she must to help her friends stand up for everyone who can't for themselves...........i Am Unknown so let me be known as Her....you wanna die? Okay think about this you come home crying you've been bullied all day no one's home yet so you run to your room and you take out that note you've written and rewriten a thousand times you take your whold bottle of depression pills you take out a razor blade and cut for the very last time now flash forward you're now a gohst watching everything happen you mom calls you down for dinner you don't answer so she sends your little brother to wake you he comes back saying sissy won't wake your mom gose to your room sees you pale and lifeless with cuts on your wrist she sees the letter reads it and starts screaming your dad comes in sees your mom and you then he just falls to the ground okay it' s the next day and right away your friends notice your gone the principal tells everyone over the intecome about what you did people freak your friends cry.......they thought you were fine.....your best friend knew but didn't think it was THAT bad she runs outta class hits a locker she cant cope or cry your ex? He can't stand it he's screaming crying he dosen't understand how u couldn't have told him those mean girls? They're in shock they know its all their faultnow okay so it's your funeral and your brother donse't understand your pearents keep telling him sissy moved to heaven but he know's heaven isnt a wooden box everyone showed up u were that girl who was there for everyone how could you be gone? Ppl call ur bestfriend heartless because she hasn't shed a single tear finally as the lower your casket she freaks and starts bawlling falls to the ground with tears.....and NOONE to comfort her okay its six years later evryone's deprest your brother self harms an dose evrything you did leading to ur death ur bestfriend? She tried to commit suicide but she failed unlike you, your pearents got devoriced your dad became a workaholic to get over your deathand your mom's depressed she dosen't do anything but sleep and not eat those mean girls? The have eating diordes now your ex? He can't love he just fuck then leaves the guy who used to pick on you? He misses you your teachers all quit........see u DID matter to alota people but you threwthem away you didn't just hurt yourself u hurt others........don't you wished youd just stuck around? RID WAS HERE :p lol