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kriad's Profile

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Name: kriad
Location: North Texas
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Wed, 01 Oct 2014
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
Magik practices : classified I'm a Virgo, Earth element. Personally, I never learned magick, knew about it before I could even read as a child. I believe in free will of all mankind, except when you cross the line, then you need to accept your fate. I dislike fluffs, well for entertaining purposes, but "Vampires" "Werewolves" "Merfolk" and "otherkin" etc. don't exist. Not in this plane of existence at least. You want to be one of the above, go Astral. not here. I'm here to observe the other ways people practice magick, I find observing the other peoples energy practices to be very informative. Personally "Black/White" magick doesn't exist, it's all intent based on ones perception of what morality is. And morality is based on what the average person believes to be prudent. I really enjoy working with crystals, and pendulum work also, always collecting new stones to see how well energy works through them. I practice spell form, not poetic magick, I merely work with energy although it is quite a bit more complicated, it is easier to see how magick actually works and what you can do and better understand the connections of all things. P.S. If Vampires we're to ever exist, I hope the hunting season will be open year round. P.P.S No more love spell inquiries. :-) Meanderings of Humanity my personal writing/work. Love, the one element that drives humanity, it cannot be sold, but can be stolen and destroyed, it can be nurtured and grow and can die and wither away. It is Man-kinds greatest asset yes can lead to such destruction and despair, it can provide stability and comfort and yet create chaos and pain. It is the fuel for all creation, yet can lead to destruction of all Mans worth, it cannot be harnessed or bartered, it is a choice, but not always contained. It can inspire the greatest statue and tear down the mightiest wall. It can be fed and it can be starved, and wither and bloom, It can die and can be reborn through the ashes. Some are born surrounded by it all their lives some are destined to never find it and forever lost at sea, it can blind someone, and some are destined to never see it. It can be given and taken away, withheld yet never controlled, it is wild yet many attempt to tame it, and can be held yet slip through your fingers unaware. It can be treated with the greatest of care, abused and dominated, beaten and yet can thrive. It is eternal with a bounty of joy and a destiny of pain. It can be confused and thoughtful, silly and judgmental. Can bring a man to his greatest height of achievements and drag him down to lonely and destitute bitterness. It is a gift to humanity, it expression the mark of the sentient yet can be observed in the lowest of vermin. The one element priceless without value. It can be misused to feed the essences of hate and greed and malice and scorn, can give birth to contemptuous envy. And yet break the chains that that have bound the greatest discontent. For with it, we have everything and those that have lost it, can be pitied, it has no prerequisite necessities, you can find it without looking and search the wold over and it still elude you. You can have it, You can keep it, You can hide it away. You can pretend it doesn't exist, You can lie and say you found it. You can capture it in the smallest net, And it can sail the mightiest ship. You will live and you will die and be remembered and forgotten but Love was here before us and will stay, And when the last of humanity takes their final breath it will still survive. To forever mark or meaning and our worth throughout all of eternity. P.S, I am straight. just an avid motorcyclist.