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Name: bootv2
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Hey all, I'm Tim, I'm 18 years old, and I'm from holland. The last few years I've been thinking about this world, and how it works. I've thought about the illuminati and karma a lot. But it didnt matter how long I kept thinking, I would never find an ultimate answer to my questions. That is, until I watched "The theory of everything" on youtube. It fit all my observations in this world. Suddenly everything I've been pondering about made sense. Then I started reading the forums(, magik is what most attracted me. And I found out it's exactly the kind of reality manipulation I found I had talent for a few months ago. I practiced it by imagining the train I wanted to board would stop right in place so the door was right in front of me, and then it did. I've done this ever since I found out I could do it, attempting to train myself. I found out about this when I noticed that however crazy a thing I imagined, would come to truth. But there's a problem, I cant seem to control my thoughts whatever I do. Which has made me imagine things before which would have a negative result for the people around me or myself. This has caused some pretty annoying things to happen, but nothing serious. Besides that I've been able to read minds for about a year now. Sometimes this power is stronger than other times. But this is also a power I cant control, so this happens randomly with random persons around me. I found out about this when I was talking with a friend, and he mumbled something I couldn't possibly understand but I saw the full image of what he meant in my mind. Yesterday I did the chakra test and it came out as a magician. I read the description and it said I needed to attune my solar plexus chakra. I watched an attunement on youtube for that chakra yesterday, and today I noticed I could see my own chakra glowing red, deep blue, and purple around my skin. What I'd like to improve in are my magik skills, controlling my thoughts, and meditation. I want to take my meditation to a point where I can astral project, or even further Anyways, it's nice to be here. peace