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Name: ArtemisDawn
Birthday: Nov 6 1994
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My name is Artemis Dawn (Sara). I'm 18 years old and bisexual. I'm also engaged to my wonderful boyfriend of 3 years who is a Trinitarian Wiccan named Raven Firestorm(Jon). :) . I'm a Eclectic Wiccan. Raven.and myself have started our own Coven, The Raven's Dawn.(which I will also start on here.) I'm still learning, and am open to more. I'm a second generation Witch(my mother was a witch) But lineage doesn't matter to me, but I am proud of my mom.
I have found that the elements I feel close to are Fire and Water. Ive an interest in healing and am quite adept at meditation and accessing my subconscious and have helped my Fiance do the same. I'm also able to minipulate my energy/chakra. Ive been able to slightly minipulate the aforementioned element. Ive done a few other things that Ive learned from this site as well.
Goddesses and Gods I feel closest to: Artemis, Apollo, Brighid, Eos, Eros, Hecate and Lugh. I feel that these names of course are all other names for the Goddess and God, the Earth Mother and Sky Father.